Dover Area school board fires teacher facing child porn charges

The Dover Area school board on Monday formally fired an intermediate school music teacher facing a host of child pornography and molestation charges.

With a 6-0 vote, the board terminated Matthew B. Puterbaugh's role at the school.

Puterbaugh, 47, of 1000 Conewago Road in Dover Township, was placed on unpaid leave when allegations that he inappropriately touched a student were made earlier this year.

Charges against Puterbaugh were bound over to the York County courts in July.

"I guess we were waiting for everything to be finalized," board president Terry Emig said after the meeting.

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Does Media Coverage of School Shootings Lead to More School Shootings?

Two months ago, the day after a young man walked into Seattle Pacific University and opened fire with a shotgun, a group of reporters crowded into a tiny viewing corridor at the King County Jail. We were going to get our first look at the suspect through a glass wall. He was about to be denied bail. Photographers took up positions in the first row, standing at the ready with their cameras. TV videographers began to unfold bulky tripods. Newspaper writers sat with notepads on their laps. Some of us made small talk to pass the time in the stuffy little room.

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The Bullying Epidemic and Ways to Counter It

I remember reading earlier this year about the case of Michael Morones in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is an 11-year-old boy who liked the cartoon, My Little Pony. He was part of a growing fanboy base called "bronies" (bro ponies).

Unfortunately, because Michael loved My Little Pony, he was taunted and bullied at his school. The bullying became so bad that Michael tried to kill himself by hanging. His parents found him, but he had already lost a lot of oxygen to his brain and may never fully recover.

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