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Going Beyond Food Safety

We at FoodQuestTQ are proud to be a partner with the National School Safety Collaboratory (NSSC). The NSSC will be using the same advanced technology that is contained in our patented CSM Method®. The National School Safety Collaboratory is a not-for-profit organization whose mission statement reads, “To provide a safe and conducive learning environment for our children.” The National School Safety Collaboratory, along with its partner Argonne National Laboratories, has been busy preparing School and CampusTQ. School and CampusTQ (with TQ standing for threat quotient) is a risk management software application designed for use by school administrators and teachers. It looks across the range of “all hazards” events at schools including: mass shootings and hostage taking; communicable disease; food adulteration; fires and arson; transportation safety; student suicides; improvised destructive devices; nuclear, chemical and biological emergencies; other crimes on campus and natural disasters. The software application does three things: 1) solicits inputs from key personnel to determine and continuously monitor the performance against critical school safety standards; 2) anticipates and prevents dangerous events, and; 3) when necessary, facilitates improved responses to all hazards events.

School and CampusTQ is based on the Rare Event Analysis and Logic Meta Data Repository or REAL ToolTM. REAL Tool combines the world’s most comprehensive databases of actual past and future simulated events, standards, best safety and security practices, and all hazards event sequences, and asks key personnel the right questions at the right time to prevent, and, when necessary, improve responses to all hazards events that can impact the safe operation of schools.

School and CampusTQ is different from the traditional security compliance and physical security checklist approach because it is easier and faster to use, and works to continuously assure high levels of preparedness across the entire range of events that can impact school safety. School and CampusTQ recognizes the critical role of student and teacher awareness, personal responsibility and vigilance, and effective leadership, as the most effective ways to assure the safe operation of schools.

Those who want to follow our foray into schools and campus can visit:
Twitter: @NSSC1

The National School Safety Collaboratory is also starting a portal similar to the National Food Protection Collaboratory. Once the portal is up and running we will share that web address through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Membership in the NSSC provides current information on school safety, incidents, response and emergency procedures and other threat and information on elementary, middle, and high school, plus university and college campus safety. This service will be provided free of charge to school administrators, teachers, and parents. So if you have a loved one in school, the information we post at the portal may be valuable to you.
If any food company has a community outreach program and would like to support the National School Safety Collaboratory, we are in the process of collecting donations. Those donations will be used to provide cutting edge software solutions to schools to protect both students and teachers. Through individual and corporate sponsorship, the National School Safety Collaboratory is able to provide this cutting edge technology to schools for $1.00 per student / per year.

Please feel free to call Bruce Becker at 540-645-1050. Bruce will be the CEO of the not-for-profit organization, and will be happy to share the vision for the organization and to provide updates as critical target dates are met.


Columbia University students fume after administration cancels popular events

The school’s fall Bacchanal, planned for Sept. 14, was canceled last month, while its longtime annual spring affair is reviewed. The school’s decision comes after a federal complaint filed by dozens of students in April over the Ivy League school’s handling of alleged sexual assault.

Investigator: East High construction fires are suspicious

ROCKFORD — What caused suspicious fires that destroyed a construction trailer and damaged machinery outside East High School remains unknown, a Rockford Fire Department official said.

But after ruling out accidental causes, Fire Investigator Tim Morris said the fires July 5 and July 30 were likely set by someone and possibly were the work of arson.

Food Safety Tips for Packing School Lunches

When it comes to back-to-school safety, you cover the basics vigilantly, such as teaching kids to avoid strangers, buckling them in the car and providing appropriate safety gear when they play sports. But have you considered taking as much care when it comes to packing lunch boxes? An improperly packed school lunch can lead to spoiled food and a missed meal at best or food-borne illness at worst.

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Ocean Township Schools Respond To Five Bullying Incidents In 2014

OCEAN TWP: Ocean Township Schools have five reported incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying from January through June this year, in what new Superintendent James Stefankiewicz said was an accomplishment with so few reports.

The HIB reports are required reporting for the state Department of Education, and must itemize what transpired and how it was addressed, and break down the number by each school. Ocean Township School District is comprised of Ocean Township Elementary, Wanamassa Elementary, Wayside Elementary, Ocean Township Intermediate and Ocean Township High schools.

“That there were five incidents total, which is a small number for one school as opposed to a district, and three at the intermediate level, seems that we are successful,” said the superintendent, but that “regardless of the number, each incident is taken seriously.”


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Dover Area school board fires teacher facing child porn charges

The Dover Area school board on Monday formally fired an intermediate school music teacher facing a host of child pornography and molestation charges.

With a 6-0 vote, the board terminated Matthew B. Puterbaugh's role at the school.

Puterbaugh, 47, of 1000 Conewago Road in Dover Township, was placed on unpaid leave when allegations that he inappropriately touched a student were made earlier this year.

Charges against Puterbaugh were bound over to the York County courts in July.

"I guess we were waiting for everything to be finalized," board president Terry Emig said after the meeting.

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Does Media Coverage of School Shootings Lead to More School Shootings?

Two months ago, the day after a young man walked into Seattle Pacific University and opened fire with a shotgun, a group of reporters crowded into a tiny viewing corridor at the King County Jail. We were going to get our first look at the suspect through a glass wall. He was about to be denied bail. Photographers took up positions in the first row, standing at the ready with their cameras. TV videographers began to unfold bulky tripods. Newspaper writers sat with notepads on their laps. Some of us made small talk to pass the time in the stuffy little room.

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