School and CampusTQ Survey

Please take a moment to tell us the additional information that you would like to see added to our School and CampusTQ and to our web portal.

We at the National School Safety Collaboratory have been busy with our School and CampusTQ Assessment.  Below you will find the 10 area of concern (Table 1) that cover the collection of information from the 43 subareas (Table 2). We used subject matter experts from law enforcement and school administration to determine the information we should be collecting.  Now comes your turn to tell us what we are missing or what you would like to see added or expanded upon.  School and CampusTQ will be the first predictive analytic tool we roll out as a part of a suite of tools for use by schools. Now is your chance to tell us what you want.  Below the tables are two text question where you can provide your input.  We look forward to reading each of your desires.

1.    Natural Disasters 2.      Communicable Disease
3.    Fires and Arson 4.      Improvised Destructive Devices
5.    Student Suicides 6.      Transportation Safety and Security
7.    Food Adulteration 8.      Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Emergencies
9.    Mass Shootings and Hostage Taking 10.   Other Misconduct on Campus


1.      1.  National Incident Management System 2.  Relationships with first responders 3.  Liaison with local law enforcement 4.  Safety and security incident reports
5.   Monitoring for copycat events 6.  Interoperable communications 7.  Communications protocols 8.  Protocol to account for students, faculty and staff
9.   Security measures to protect alarm, computer and

communications systems

10.  Access to medical assistance 11.  Medical triage plan 12.  Medical transportation
13.  Grief and critical incident intervention program 14.  Media protocol 15.  After action reviews of incidents 16.  Protocol for correcting safety and security deficiencies
17. Community relations program 18.  Anonymous reporting 19.  School policy on weapons 20.  Searches for weapons, explosives and other contraband
21. Weapons violators 22.  Recognizing and reporting threatening behaviors 23.  Student referrals 24.  Pre-admission reviews
25.  Pre-employment checks 26.  Foreign students 27.  "Hot spots" on campus 28.  Marking of boundaries and vehicle and pedestrian entrances and exits
29.  School site maps, building plans and drawings 30.  Key control 31.  Student and employee identification system 32.  Visitor control
33. Parking management 34.  Lockdown procedures 35.  Evacuation plans 36.  Emergency drills
37.  Physical security of facilities including lighting and barrier delay 38.  Immediate emergency communication to students, faculty and staff 39.  Emergency awareness training 40.  Assignment of key personnel
41.  Emergency notifications system 42.  Loss of power 43.  Facility shut down
What would you like to see added to the School and CampusTQ assessment?
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