Mission Statement and Plan

NSSC Logo smallThe mission statement for the National School Safety Collaboratory is: To provide a safe and conducive learning environment for our children

The National School Safety Collaboratory, in league with its partners, wishes to bring common sense solutions to the problem of school safety.  We will accomplish this by using a patented, program called Complexity Systems Management Method.  Those who are interested in the scientific explanation of the program can find further information at: http://www.google.com/patents/US20110173146.

In a nutshell, here is how it works:

The first step in our patented process is creating a Meta-Data Repository which stores all-hazard events that can occur within a school (primary, secondary or college).  Each incident that is added to the Meta-Data Repository is reverse engineered so that the causal steps are determined.  A Likert Scale is introduced into the Meta-Data Repository, 1 to 10.  Those numbers are put through a proprietary algorithm to determine the likelihood of occurrence to an all-hazard event within a school.  Additionally, proven solutions that were used to prevent or respond to a problem are added to the Meta-Data Repository.

The second step in the process is to create applications that take the information in the Meta-Data Repository and provide different answers for the different questions that an administrator can ask with regards to an incident.  Additionally, a continuous assessment that teachers and administrators answer is sent out at a frequency desired by the school administrator.  By looking at the answers the teachers and administrators selected in the assessment, and the causal steps in the Meta-Data Repository, our system makes a determination as to how vulnerable that system is to a particular hazardous event.  Additionally, taking into account how the teachers and administrators answered the questions in the assessment, and looking at the solutions to the problem that was placed within the Meta-Data Repository, the administrator receives a step-by-step action plan to help him/her through a negative event that they may encounter at their school.

Other applications within the platform assist school administrators to write their policies, procedures and programs which provide the guidelines to preventing school violence.  The last application provides command and control to first responders that are called to a school if a negative event occurs.

These solutions already exist; we just need the financial support to provide them to all school systems free of charge.  If child friendly companies, school PTAs, parents of school age children, would provide minimum financial aid, we can deliver on the solution quickly.  It will take a commitment from each of us to protect our children at school.  Will you help? To donate click on this link: http://nationalschoolsafetycollaboratory.org/donate/.

Quick facts:

Bruce H. Becker

President, National School Safety Collaboratory




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To provide a safe and conducive learning environment for our children